Refund Policy


As per rules and regulation of Alberta Advanced Education, all tuition fees and other charges are due and payable thru a student loan upon signing a student contract. Application of such would be facilitated by the College to the Provincial and Federal Governments. Students who are self-funded, including International Students, will pay by credit card, debit card or cheque / money draft payable to Global College of Business and Technology Ltd. No Academic records such as transcript, diploma and certificate shall be issued to the student unless outstanding balance are fully paid.

  1. If a student terminates a student contract before the class begins, the College is entitled to retain the $500 registration fee that has been paid, regardless of who paid it.
  2. The College shall refund any registration fees that have been paid if;
    • the college terminates a student contract before the class begins, or
    • the class does not begin on the commencement date set out in the student contract.
  1. If a student contract is terminated after the class begins, the College is entitled to the following amounts of the tuition fees:
    • when 10% or less of the classes has been provided, 25% of the tuition fees;
    • when more than 10% but 50% or less of the classes has been provided, 60% of the tuition fees;
    • when more than 50% of the classes has been provided, 100% of the tuition fees.
  2. If the College has received a tuition fee in excess of the amount that the College is entitled to under subsection (1), the College would refund the excess amount.
  1. a refund of a student’s tuition fees must be paid
    • to the student if the student is self-funded,
    • in the case of a student who has an outstanding student loan in respect of the class for which the refund is being provided, to the lender that made the student loan.
  2. If the College receives payment of a student’s tuition fees from a government, agency or person other than the student, any refund of those tuition fees must be paid to the government, agency or other person.
  3. If the College is required to refund any tuition fee or incidental fee, the refund must be paid not later than the earlier of the following:
    • 30 days from the day the student contract is terminated;
    • the time period specified in an order of the Director.

The College collects student personal information in an ethical manner, ensuring that personal information collected is necessary for program operation.

Retention and disposal of such shall be in accordance with the Student Record Regulation of Alberta and with the College Retention and Disposal Policy.


A student may withdraw the program she/he enrolled in by giving written notice of the withdrawal to the College. This maybe delivered to the College in any manner provided that a receipt or other verification is available that indicates that date of which the notice is delivered.

The contract is terminated on the date on which the notice is received by the College. The College reserves also the right to terminate your contract if later found to be fraudulent and if it violates the College Admission requirements, policies, rules and regulations.

If you are receiving student financial assistance, the college will notify your funding source of your withdrawal or the termination of this contract. You must review and understand the Regulation with respect to the retention and repayment of fees (i.e., registration fees and tuition refunds) in the case where this contract is terminated.

If you terminate the contract on or before the 4th business day after signing it, the College must refund any tuition or other fees paid by or on behalf of the student.


Any outstanding balance of tuition and other fees is considered debt to Global College of Business & Technology. A written notice shall be given to the student as a reminder for payment.

If debt still remains outstanding until the program completion date, the college shall withhold the student’s transcript of records and other credentials. And the College may seek assistance from a third party such as collection agency. This may result to negative impact on the student’s credit rating in the Credit Bureau.