"Your Future Career, Our Focus"

JUNE 2021


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May Round - Up: Student Featurette, Mother's Day

Global College student video featurette goes live

When Gutenberg invented the printing press in the 1400s, information travels to everyone at a speedy rate compare to manually copying the text by hand. Then moving pictures and the internet happened, and we are in an Information Era marked by tremendous content.


As part of our changing times, we have rolled out our student video featurette every Wednesday, 11:00 AM at fb.com/globalcollegecanda.

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"Your Future Career, Our Focus"

Month of May is for Mommies, 2 moms share how education empowers women

Despite holding an administrative position before and topping the assessment, Ms Gloria Tadeja finds difficulty landing a career as an immigrant. The skills she has gained and the tools she has used were rendered incompatible. So, at the behest of her husband she enrolled hersefl at Global College until she has finally settled in her new job seamlessly.

Being a high-achieving woman is an emblem to those willing to sacrifice and work hard to achieve their career. However, the road to success is not always easy as Ms. Peralta shared during the May 20 video premier.

Despite being on top of mommy duties to three kids and household management. Ms. Anarika Peralty is a time management whiz and was even awarded “Best in Business Writing”.

These two amazing ladies are a testament to our quality education and service. To our students, Ms Tadeja and Ms. Peralta we are proud of you! We are delighted to be a part of your journey.

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Global College of Business and Technology is a private career college located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In 2019, the college was founded by five visionaries with different field of specializations. This educational institution was built through the inspirations of the founders to lead lifelong learners into the way of building their future by providing them the quality of education and service. For more information visit us at https://globalcollege-edu.ca

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