Math shouldn’t scare you from pursuing Accounting and Payroll Administration.

Math shouldn't scare you from pursuing Accounting and Payroll Administration.

The Truth About Math in Accounting and Payroll Administration isn't as scary as you think.

When I say math, is it causing you to panic? Does it feel like a tornado of numbers is about to wreak havoc in your life? Have you decided that math and you can’t be on the same page at all? Think again. You might be surprised how many people hated math but ended up having a successful career with it. 

You might have unforgettable and undesirable math encounters that left you scarred for years. For sure, there will be a good number of people with stories of how math ruined their chances in any math-related career. It’s not too late to change your mind and conquer your fears or insecurities caused by numbers. 

Facing Your Fears

In the book A Mind for Numbers by Barbara Oakley Ph.D., she mentioned how bad she was with numbers growing up and how she stayed away from math and science-related things. But life had another plan for her; she was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the US Army Signal Corps. Because of that, she was made to enroll in mathematically oriented electronics training which made her confront her fear of numbers. She overcame the challenge by utilizing her basic learning skills to get her through her training. She purposefully learned how to learn math and science through internalizing certain concepts and techniques. And according to Prof. Barbara, the brain is designed to do extraordinary mental calculations.

Understanding the math language and the process may take time, but it’s not possible. Take on the challenge and start at the basics if you must. There are many strategies to speed up your calculations. There are no age limitations in developing and building a new skill set. 

Luckily, Worthy & James Publishing, a provider of basic accounting books covering fundamental accounting principles, business accounting, and business math, supplied the public a summary table of the kind of math that will take you through a year of introductory accounting and a year of intermediate accounting and most other accounting courses as well.

Worthy & James Publishing emphasized that your fears when you were young might not be the same now that you are an adult. Your skills and level of understanding have matured as well. Here are some of the tips they provided if you still need to practice your math skills. 

  1. Take a basic math class that contains the above topics.
  2. Use a math tutor or math lab at school.
  3. Do your math review for only what you need. There are many good basic math books available. Just be sure that they contain lots of examples and problems with complete and detailed solutions.

Experts agree that if you have good basic skills and willingness to review and solidify those skills, a lack of confidence in math should not prevent you from pursuing any accounting-related degree. Accounting is more than just number calculations; it can use those numbers to help individuals and businesses achieve their most important financial goals.

So you see, your fear of math will never hinder reaching for any possible careers in Accounting and Payroll Administration. The skills set you need is more than the numbers you fear. In addition, the technology will never disappoint. The continuous and fast innovations will be of great assistance to your math trials. Let’s give it a go.