"Your Future Career, Our Focus"

JUNE 2021


Global College Of Business and Technology Newsletter

June Round-Up: Global College of Business and Technology Celebrates Father's Day all over the world!

A Father’s Dream with a Deadline
Chef Buddy’s Points to Ponder

A father’s universal role is to provide and protect.
We have invited our very own student and consultant, international
awardee, vlogger, and his most important role for father’s day special –
being a DAD. Chef Buddy, the man of the hour emphasized to keep on


"Your Future Career, Our Focus"

A dream is a goal with a deadline. As a father, he works on
that life he wants to share with his family. If dreams birth
advantages, then the goals make you focus. Because of
what you hold in your mind in the direction your life goes.
Indeed, Chef Buddy is a great example of one of Team
Global’s core values; Right Attitude paves your way to many
Happy Father’s Day from Global College!

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