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Change your Life 5 Seconds at a Time

November 17, 2021 Blog

Change your Life 5 Seconds at a Time

If you are thinking about this famous 5 Seconds Rule about food, when you drop some food on the floor and still want to eat it, you might think it is within 5 seconds the food is okay to be eaten.

The 5 Second Rule refers to flipping things for the better and changes everything. It becomes your formula to change and improve yourself. It is an easy and effective way to bounce back from failed attempts to succeed. Instead of asking for five minutes more of sleep, you can get yourself up and out of your bed in 5 seconds. This Rule has been used to take control and improve everything from confidence to finances, relationships, and career.

Use the 5 Seconds Rule :

To step outside of your comfort zone and become more effective. – There are activities in life that you aren’t used to doing, and there will also be a time where you need to do things you aren’t used to. It takes another bold step to start widening your horizon for enhancement or advancement. If you are aiming for growth, you know the path that always leads beyond your comfort zone.

To become more productive. – There are days when you feel like the best mood to be is to be a couch potato—yet being self-aware that you can utilize the time in a more productive way and get these important matters going. The rule will be the push you need to get the ball rolling. Executives inside some of the world’s most respected brands are using the Rule to help their managers change, drive sales, engage teams, and innovate.

To become more influential at work. It takes one chance to speak up to elevate your value in your workplace. Your hesitations to present an idea cloaks your potential to be recognized for the efforts you put into it. There are instances that getting appreciated fuels our motivation and passion for doing better.

To battle addiction and depression. – We all have formed bad habits or got into situations where it causes our mental health to crash. This rule can be the railings you hold on to and decide to call a friend, and in doing so it might even save your life.

To stop thinking and start putting your ideas into action. – we have times when we procrastinate, especially those who want perfection in their craft or output; they tend to delay and hesitate for quite some time, dragging a great idea to a black hole. The moment you have an instinct to act on a goal, you must 5-4-3-2-1 and physically move, or your brain will stop you.

Life as we know it is defined by the smallest moves that pile up and navigate us and get us through the big ones.

Every simple action you get done creates a chain of reactions that affects your confidence and productivity.

Any action that stretches out your comfort zone isn’t going to be a piece of cake. The Rule doesn’t make these things easy; it makes them happen. It is still a switch you need to make available for yourself to choose change. That is why it is perfectly described to be a tool.

Every phase of your life and career will require an improved and versatile version of you. Using the Rule, you’ll make it possible to become the person you need to be in the next phase of your life.

The 5 Second Rule works by breaking a monotonous cycle that you are not benefiting from through changing the little things first—you hesitate, then you overthink, and you lock yourself in mental jail. The paralyzing effect of this cycle somehow creates a stagnant phase where you might feel trapped in a maze; whichever way you go, you’ll feel lost. That moment of hesitation is a game killer. Hesitation sends a stress signal to your brain. It’s a red flag that signals something’s wrong—and your brain goes into protection mode. This is how we are destined to fail. Take a minute and think about it.

Most of us don’t even realize how often we hesitate because it has become a habit that we can’t even tell that it is already holding us back from soaring to the height of achievements in life.

At the same time, a moment of hesitation can also be used to our advantage. Every hesitation is the perfect time to push yourself. Turn to the five-second window, and it is time for 5- 4- 3- 2- 1 to push yourself forward and break through your pile of excuses.


These are the habits that sabotage your happiness and success :

  • Waiting
  • Doubting
  • Holding back
  • Staying silent
  • Feeling insecure
  • Avoiding
  • Worry
  • Overthinking

You need to create a new pattern to create a new habit and break down an old habit you want to let go of.

The #5SecondRule and its countdown, 5- 4- 3- 2- 1- GO, will become your new behavior pattern. The countdown is also what researchers call a “starting ritual” . Starting rituals interrupt your bad default patterns and trigger new, positive patterns.

If you master the Rule, you will retrain your mind. You will adapt to new behavior patterns. You will unlearn your default habits to worry, hesitate and fear. You will find yourself with enough courage. Over time, as you move forward with life, you’ll discover real confidence and pride in yourself. Everything that you think might be set in stone, including your habits, mindset, and personality, is flexible. Those small decisions will create major changes in your life. You’ll be able to have control in your life.

The counting takes your mind away from your excuses and focuses it on moving in a new direction. When you move instead of thinking, your physiology changes, and your mind follows suit.

Global Colleges specifies this kind of strategy to impart to each of our students. We aim to instill skills that will lead you to a brighter future. This particular tool will be beneficial to those who need it the most. What are 5 seconds if it means a better future and path that leads to a greener pasture to each one of you.

Watch out for those hesitations, and remember you have the rule that puts you in a five seconds spotlight to make the most of it. Watch out for default habits that sabotage your success. Most of the time, we need to look within ourselves and change how we normally do things to get a different result.

Yours starts right now 5-4-3-2-1.

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