4 Tips to Stay “Motivated” During Online Class

4 Tips to Stay "Motivated" During Online Class

Because sometimes studying can get tricky!

As with every situation in life, there are, indeed, pros and cons. As we adapt in our education through this pandemic, online learning is the most viable solution. However, it is a far cry from the physical class that we are used to as before. 

There is an invisible barrier that permeates online conferencing. For instance, interaction is not fluid as latency can be an issue, or other technical difficulties are uncontrollable.

Circumstances like these can undoubtedly decrease students’ motivation to attend their class or do their school work. If you want to increase your academic performance by staying motivated, then read on.

Plan ahead your schedule

Nothing is more disappointing than seeing your progress dipped within certain days. Combat this by being prepared one week in advance—also, a lot more time allowance on more demanding courses.

It can save you from all-nighters to finish your pending tasks. Aside from organizing your job appropriately, you may be able to find time to squeeze in some of the hobbies of yours.

Dress for Success is not Cliché

You may be comfortable attending your class sessions in pajama bottoms by now. But this tip goes beyond what you are wearing on video conference.

This extends to what you do before you face your computer screen. Check your surroundings, and it may need serious cleaning. Remember, your environment can also affect your motivation.

Have Things That are Motivation Booster

It may be a poster of your favorite motivational quote or picture frames of your significant other. These trinkets can serve as a gentle reminder to keep going through all the academic hurdles you are currently facing.

This is a reason why you see most paper products feature popular personalities as most students find them inspiring or relatable. So, next time you head out shopping, find some opportunity to check out racks of school supplies such as binders or pens that can elevate your studying energy.

Do not Disturb Your Sleep Cycle

People who are exposed to stress will eventually seek out other avenues in relieving this; unfortunately, there are limited channels for this due to movement restrictions. An easy outlet would be sleep deprivation doing nonsensical screen activities. 

“Revenge bedtime procrastination” describes the decision to sacrifice sleep for leisure time that is driven by a daily schedule lacking in free time. Procrastination extends through different aspects of our lives. If you are having trouble sleeping regularly, you may do light activities that can signal your body that you are going to rest.

Juggling school, job, and chores are stressful. No matter how expert you are in time management, there will be some overlap in obligations that will happen and may derail your schedule.

But, our level of commitment matters in achieving the success we set for ourselves. There are maybe instances that will test our character, but these challenges will also strengthen us.

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