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Are you learning LESS with the onlineclass? Check out these foolproof Global College Tips!

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International Student?

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Are you learning LESS with the online class?

We know that enrolling in an online class is a challenge for the students. Although it gives us the freedom to continue learning, there are limitations to such a scheme.
It may affect the class dynamics as we cannot fully convey our message through body language or that tacit knowledge requires more supervision from experts.
We care about our student’s welfare, so we have researched clever ways in making online classes a breeze. 

Global College Tip 01:Veer away from setting up your workplace in places with heavy traffic. People might call for your attention mindlessly. If space is limited, invest in noise-canceling headphones.

Global College Tip 02:Set up an alarm and a no-excuse policy on yourself. If the alarm rings, do not click the dismiss for another 10 minutes. Get up and start your day. This habit will cascade to your other tasks, and you will have to make adjustments now and then. 

Global College Tip 03:Approach your instructor if they are using other sources or tools for their lessons. Also, forum sites are a great place for information for students to exchange experiences and insights.

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